Autospout Chug

720 ml
€ 21,95
Verry Berry
  • AUTOSPOUT® button operates flip-up drink spout with one touch
  • Leak proof in closed position
  • Wide chug interface for comfortable drinking and high flow
  • Spout shield keeps spout clean and protected
  • One-handed operation
  • Dishwasher safe

Autospout Chug: Wider opening, more water

Contigo’s new water bottle 'Autospout Chug' provides a high flow of water. The wide mouth allows water to flow smoothly into your mouth , ideal to drink large amount of liquid quickly. At the same time the bottle comes with a spout that’s comfortable to drink from without the risk of spilling, even when you’re on the move. Not only ideal while sporting, also at the office, in the car or on the go, Autospout Chug is your best drinking solution. 

Contigo’s patented AUTOSPOUT® technology allows convenient one-handed drinking. Push the AUTOSPOUT® button and the spout flips open. There’s also a special locking mechanism to keep users from accidentally pressing the AUTOSPOUT® button. A carabiner clip makes it easy to clip the bottle to your bag or belt. 

  • H.: 26,5 cm
  • H without lid: 22,5 cm
  • Ø widest point: 9,5 cm